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September 2016 horoscopes singapore
Horoscopes - September 2016
  • 6 September 2016

Get the scoop on the latest tarot readings for this month...

Virgo - Your monthly horoscope by Sharan
  • 1 September 2016

You may discover a new passion or have to make a choice between two things that you love this month. It could be a confusing September if you’re not balanced. However, since Virgos are known for their organised minds and lives, your calm demeanour in analysing the situation will kick into action. Us.....

Libra - Your monthly horoscope by Sharan
  • 1 September 2016

It’s time to get out of your thoughts and into your present to make things happen. Be honest and true to yourself regarding what you really desire. There should be no shame or guilt in this. It’s the perfect time this month to go and grab opportunities or just get things started for yourself. Gather.....

Scorpio - Your monthly horoscope by Sharan
  • 1 September 2016

It’s a test of your inner strength this September. You may find that the same people that supported you in the past have now turned against you. Whatever the reason may be, you’ll need to stand your ground – something these people won’t be expecting you to do. Stick to your cause and don’t budge. Le.....

Sagittarius - Your monthly horoscope by Sharan
  • 1 September 2016

You’ll be doing lots of fine tuning this month. You may find that competition is stiff when it comes to winning that contest, or getting that grade or promotion, or even a new client for your business. Opportunities are granted to you to make those necessary improvements in the form of help from a m.....

Capricorn - Your monthly horoscope by Sharan
  • 1 September 2016

September is the perfect month for initiating a second source of income. If you have always felt like you wanted to start a blog or sell those knitted scarves online then waste no time! You’ll find that there seems to be no end to the flow of creative juices, so milk it while it lasts. You just neve.....

Aquarius - Your monthly horoscope by Sharan
  • 1 September 2016

Aquarius is most likely going to be the star sign that will feel the effects of the Mercury Retrograde in the least fortunate way. But it’s not all doom and gloom. On the contrary, it might be viewed as a time to slow down and analyse rather than charge ahead without strategising. However, since thi.....

Pisces - Your monthly horoscope by Sharan
  • 1 September 2016

A decision needs to be made, but you really aren’t in the mood to make it. You’re not seeing the lure of any of the options. So you’d rather sit tight and wait things out. Under normal circumstances, it wouldn’t be right to procrastinate like this, but since it’s a Mercury Retrograde I don’t blame y.....

Aries - Your monthly horoscope by Sharan
  • 1 September 2016

No grass is greener, trust me. Rather, it’s all about what you make out of your situation. The best advice is to take everything in life in moderation. Discontent will set upon you when you set yourself expectations that are too high. Plod on, and don’t give up. You’re most likely near the end of th.....

Taurus - Your monthly horoscope by Sharan
  • 1 September 2016

It’s an emotionally transforming month for Taurus. You will grow as you try to make sense of the chaos around you. You’ll apply a different and definitely more mature perspective to relationships, be they familial, friendly or professional, and you’ll try to understand why someone would react in a c.....

Gemini - Your monthly horoscope by Sharan
  • 1 September 2016

Balance is your key for the month of September. There seem to be two equally attractive options that will surface. This is a Mercury Retrograde month, and it would be ideal if the decision could be delayed to next month. This would give you plenty of time to digest and make sense of the information .....

Cancer - Your monthly horoscope by Sharan
  • 1 September 2016

It’s an interesting month ahead for Cancer. You’ll make a discovery about someone or something that may be a hard pill to swallow. What you believed to be true all along has turned out to be false. It’s a shock, but you quickly calm down and mollycoddle yourself into believing that hope still exists.....

Leo - Your monthly horoscope by Sharan
  • 1 September 2016

You seem to have understood the don’ts of a Mercury Retrograde very well and put them into practice this month. Keeping still is your game plan, although decisions need to be made. While you do realise you’ll need to cut your losses at some point and focus on one thing, whether it concerns your job,.....

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