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Tried & tested: Facial treatments at The Wellness Clinic

As we mature, our once-elastic and taut skin starts to need a little extra help. These four readers with very different skin complaints went to The Wellness Clinic to see what could be done for them.    

Problem: Panda eyes
Treatment Tested:

My panda eyes were starting to get to me, so instead of trying to cover them up with a mountain of concealer, I decided to give in and seek help.

As I walked into The Wellness Clinic, I was greeted by a friendly smile from the therapist and introduced to Dr Ram Nath. After clearly explained the eye-brightening procedure and the post-care treatment, he applied numbing cream to my face. The feeling was a bit strange, but he explained that they normally use it on all their clients to ensure the treatment is painless, because some people are more sensitive than others.  

First came a skin exfoliation treatment, microdermabrasion, which felt as if my face was being brushed with a tiny vacuum.  The next step was the application of laser, to brighten the skin. I could feel it working, but it wasn’t unpleasant. Finally, he applied a fruit acid peel to my whole face.

I wasn’t allowed to wash my for the rest of the day, as water would neutralise the acid; this needs to be allowed to continue to work for some time after it is applied. My take-home supplies consisted of a high potency antioxidant serum to address damage from he sun and environmental pollutants, and a cream to reduce any swelling. I had to apply them twice a day, and was also given a lipid serum to apply twice-weekly.

After two days, I experienced some slight peeling which lasted for about 48 hours. But three weeks on, I can see a visible difference. I now have lovely soft skin, and my eye-bags have definitely been tightened and brightened.

Sales Manager

Problem: Sensitive skin

Treatment for: Rosacea


As an Australian, childhood was harsh on my skin, and just when signs of ageing started appearing I was also diagnosed with rosacea, a chronic skin condition. In the six years I’ve lived in Singapore my skin has gone from sensitive to super-sensitive, so I jumped at the chance to test an option to control it.

I am nervous of any treatment that could result in a flare-up that might take months to bring under control. So, after a thorough consultation, Dr Ram suggested I trial The Wellness Clinic’s sensitive skin products.

Measuring out just three or four drops of each serum feels very stingy, but even that small amount does cover the face well. The products felt very different from my usual skincare and left my skin feeling far drier, so sometimes I would supplement them with my own moisturiser, particularly around the eye area.

The sensitive skin serum is very refreshing (it is kept in the fridge), but its slightly grainy texture is odd. The moisturising serum is lovely, and I really liked the twice-weekly booster oil: a little goes a long way, and it left my skin feeling supple.

Although the serums need more than the two weeks I trialled them before you can expect to see any significant improvements, the good news is that my skin did not have an adverse reaction to them. I look forward to going back for a test treatment soon.

Communications & Marketing Manager

Problem: Loss of elasticity
Treatment for:
Ageing skin


After years of water sports and a rather lax approach to skin care, I needed some professional intervention! Having an aversion to needles, I was pleased to discover the Wellness Clinic offered an organic range of lifting products that claim to have similar properties to Botox.

In my consultation with Dr Ram Nath, he took care to explain the proper order of applying moisturisers and serums so as to get the best results, and suggested I try microdermabrasion and a collagen-promoting laser treatment to rejuvenate my skin.

After these two treatments, he gave me three antioxidant and lifting serums to apply morning and night, and advised me that my face would peel a little. On Day Three, my face indeed began to peel, which drew a few odd looks from my staff and clients, so I fabricated tales of sunburn!

However, I was very happy to see that my skin was visibly plumper around my eyes and nose. After two weeks of using the Wellness Clinic’s products, my skin is also more refined and appears fresher.

Problem: Sunspots

Treatment for: Pigmentation


After three pregnancies and ten years of living in sunny Singapore, my once naturally clear complexion and even skin tone has become a distant memory.

I developed unsightly sunspots after years of sun exposure, but it was my melasma that bothered me most. This skin condition is also known as the “mask of pregnancy”, which results from hormonal changes, and now blotchy brown patches cover most of my cheeks, forehead and nose.

Dr Ram at the Wellness Clinic explained that just one session of treatment for melasma can be effective, but more stubborn sunspots can require additional sessions. He suggested a three-pronged approach: a photo-facial and chemical peel in his clinic, followed by a applying a customised range of skincare at home, including a whitening cream.

The session was surprisingly quick, and the treatment was completely painless and anxiety-free. I would caution, however, that there is some downtime to consider; I experienced some redness and peeling for a few days.

After one week, I could see an improvement in the tone and colour of my skin and a surprising suppleness in its texture that I haven’t felt in a long time. The results are evident, and I’m so pleased with the outcome.

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