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Showcase: Paterson Residence penthouse just off Orchard Road



Should you find yourself at a major Singapore leisure site in the quiet pre-dawn, there’s a good chance you’ll see Jenelle Cosgrove blazing past. From the Grand Prix stands in Marina Bay to the shimmering shores of the West Coast, she begins most days on a bike, head down, eyes focused, legs barrelling away. Alongside her, you’ll spot her husband, Vincent.

After four years of living in the UK, Jenelle says she and her family are very grateful to be in Singapore.

“When we left Australia, I was told we would be gone for two years,” she laughs, as she explains how her double-year commitment is now pushing into its ninth. “We’ve been in Singapore for more than four years, and we absolutely love it. We love the weather because we are very into sports.”

Paterson Residence

Very into sports? Every member of the Cosgrove clan – including 11-year-old Charlotte and nine-year-old Sophie – is a competitive triathlete. The foursome competed in the Bintan Triathlon last year, with Charlotte taking home top honours in her division.

Some families bond by breaking bread, others in front of the living-room TV. The Cosgroves prefer to spend their time together in a heart-healthy way.

On Saturday mornings, they kick off the weekend with a morning cycle with a team from ANZA (the Australia and New Zealand Association), followed by basketball practice for the girls. Sundays are rest days – at my house, that is. The Cosgroves are back on their bikes, with the exception of Mum, who runs alongside with Georgie, the golden-haired toy poodle. After a celebratory clink of coffee mugs and milkshake tumblers at Boomerang Bistro & Bar, they head home … to start their day.

Paterson Residence 

This family has lived in the three-storey penthouse of Paterson Residence for two years. Of the five bedrooms, four bathrooms, two powder rooms and a wealth of interesting nooks and sitting areas, Jenelle says her favourite spot is the open-plan living and dining room. That, and the sprawling rooftop terrace with views of Orchard Road, River Valley and – until recently – the Singapore Flyer.

Paterson Residence 

“A building now blocks it, Mum,” chimes Sophie. She’s right. But they still enjoy look onto the verdant spaces that dot the Grange and Paterson Road area. For hosting a dinner party or enjoying a weekend family barbecue, the Cosgroves like to retreat to the large, tiled terrace at dusk.