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Fitness 101: Lose 1kg a Week?


Lose 1kg a week? This all sounds very good in principle but I have never kept to any form of diet for longer than half a day. Although I am not ‘big’ I was slowly going up in size and had a wardrobe full of clothes that didn’t fit me. I have tried lots of exercise including running and didn’t quite think that anything would work so I was a bit sceptical about the effectiveness of the Ripped in 28 Days programme.

I waited for a month after finishing the programme before I wrote this – just in case all the fat came back on again; but it hasn’t, even after a week in Switzerland where I ate everything in sight. Since that week though I have incorporated the programme’s dietary and exercise guidelines where possible and that’s also been manageable and I didn’t feel guilty when it wasn’t possible.

Gavin Watterson at Ultimate Fitness is a great coach and for more information on this and his other programmes you can go to his website (www.ultimatefitness.com.sg) or visit the Ultimate-Fitness-Performance-Studio page on Facebook. He’s written a lot on the principles behind it and there are fairly strict guidelines. 

The programme worked for me because I was able to eat everything except dairy, fruit, alcohol and carbs for six days out of seven. No I am not being funny; it really was relatively easy as I didn’t have to measure or monitor anything. I didn’t have to limit myself to ‘just a handful of nuts’ or write down what or how much I had eaten. I was always full and satisfied but I knew I just couldn’t eat certain things for those six days.

The other key component was the 10 minutes of exercise (that whizzed by) in the morning and 10 minutes at night before I went to sleep. I managed to do them in my bedroom with dumbbells although you would get much better results following Gavin’s recommendations with proper gym equipment. I felt more energised, slept better and my skin looked better than ever during those 28 days. And when I can manage to do the exercises even now, I feel so much better for the rest of the day.

Now with 4kg and 2.5 percent body fat gone after 28 days, I want to let others know that it does work and it was $400 well spent. I feel great and I can now wear most clothes in my wardrobe!

The next Ripped in 28 Days programme starts after Chinese New Year 2013.