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Environmental news in Singapore

All you need to know to take part in Earth Hour and four tips to conserve energy every day, from WWF Campaign Manager Carine Seror.

Where is the best place to watch the city lights go out on 26 March, and when should I get there?

WWF is inviting everyone to join the Earth Hour Official Party from 5.30pm at the Promontory @ Marina Bay. There will be a live concert and carnival, and at 8.30pm as the lights go out, we will flag off the first Earth Hour Night Walk that will take us around the Marina Bay. The party will be fuelled by Alpha Biodiesel recycled from the waste cooking oil from IKEA restaurants..

If you’re not in the mood for a walk, you can watch a screening of the award-winning British documentary The Age of Stupid. Just remember to bring your picnic basket.

Which of Singapore’s iconic buildings have taken part in Earth Hour?

Most of our icons and landmarks have switched off their non-essential lights during previous Earth Hours, including the Merlion, Changi Airport, The Fullerton Hotel, The Singapore Flyer as well as a number of shopping malls across the island.

Anything new happening this year?

This year’s highlight is the Earth Hour Night Walk. It aims to be a symbolic march – an opportunity to send a strong message that we care about the future and, of course, also a chance to come together and celebrate the one thing we have in common: our planet.

Do you recommend any particular candles as an alternative light source for people taking part in Earth Hour at home?

We highly recommend using beeswax or vegetable wax candles as opposed to paraffin-based candles that are made from an oil byproduct. But why not simply spend this hour in the dark? You could walk your dog or enjoy some stargazing, for instance.

How can I can conserve energy every day, rather than just during Earth Hour?

Use a fan instead of air-conditioning, and when you turn your air-conditioning on, set the temperature at 24 degrees Celsius or higher.

Take the MRT, use your bike or walk; this will help you keep fit and reduce your ecological footprint.

Plan your holidays closer to Singapore; there are so many beautiful places near us to discover.

Shop wisely: ideally, bring your own reusable shopping bag; politely refuse the cashier’s offer to wrap your stuff in two or three bags; and choose what you buy responsibly. Select items with minimal packaging that are produced closer to Singapore, to reduce the emissions that result from shipping goods around the world.

For more information about Earth Hour, or to register for the Night Walk, visit www.wwf.sg.